Love for the School

To teach and show good examples and inspiration to the youth and to help the needy and the poor has always been one of Nicanor’s missions in life. Many compatriots, whose names were too many to recall, have donated books and other necessities to the school. Various organizations such as the “Samahang Inicbulan Rizal” (SIR) had been helping the school in many ways. When the original SIR was established in 1960 by the prominent people from Inicbulan and Rizal, it was voted without any objection that Nicanor and his brother-in-law Melecio Ilagan would be made advisors for life.

His son Nemesio and the grandchildren in America Ludivine, Napoleon, Doradaisy and others donated a permanent basketball goal, a water tank. a bell, playground apparatus and many more. His grandson Eliodoro Jr. (Butch) who just finished mechanical engineering brought to the school his work crew and a truck loaded with materials and equipment from the company he was working with and build the railings of the school stage and repaired the basketball goal and other metallic structures without asking for payment. The other grandchild Alexander and his co-members in Kulyawan Club who were all sons and daughters of the members of SIR, raised funds by caroling and selling old newspapers, to buy the material and build with their own hands the water fountain and benches by the basketball court and are still in use today. More benches were added later donated by Col. Eustaquio Ilagan.

Many more improvements were made in the school under the regime of the father and son. Eliodoro was the first president of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) and when he brought his family back to Manila, Nicanor took over as president. Nicanor remained the PTA president for the rest of his life.

Even after his death, Nicanor’s love for the school inspired his wife and her siblings to donate a piece of land adjacent to the school, where the New Baranggay High School now stands. And because of the same love, his sister Maria Marasigan Ilagan also donated to the school her land across the gorge (agbang) but near the school.