Our organization was founded:

1) To give something back to the people of the Baranggay Inicbulan, a barrio in the town of Bauan, province of Batangas in the Philippines, the roots of the descendants of Eliodoro E. Marasigan.
2) To perpetuate the legacy of Nicanor C. Marasigan and son Eliodoro E. Marasigan, who in their lifetime served the people of Inicbulan with unsurpassed dedication to helping those in need.
3) To remind everyone in Inicbulan who Nicanor C. Marasigan and son Eliodoro E. Marasigan were, how they served and died, and how this foundation will perpetuate that legacy starting with humanitarian programs to the extent of broader public services.

Our Mission Statement:
The Judge Eliodoro E. Marasigan Foundation is established by the descendants of Nicanor C. Marasigan in a memorial to these men who humbly dedicated their lives for service to others. The Foundation equally honors both father and son for the ideals they laid out for others to follow. Through this Foundation’s efforts in charity work for the poor and underprivileged, education, research, health care and community development, the quality of life for the people of Baranggay Inicbulan will be improved.